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Antonio Canova
Dedalo and Icarus


Gypsotheca, Nineteenth century wing

Despite the remarkable realization, that could have you fooled, this is one of Canova’s first ever pieces, and is considered the masterpiece of his Venetian youth. It was designed on commission by St. Mark prosecutor, Pietro Vettor Pisani. Once completed, the marble was exhibited at the Ascensione Fair for a couple of days and received admiration and enthusiasm. The artist drew inspiration from the mythological fable recounted by Ovidius in the Ars Amandi (vv.49-70), and in Metamorphosis (book VIII).
The marble, completed in 1779, had earned the twenty-year old artist one hundred zecchini, which he utilized to finally embark on his much-desired trip to Rome. The piece was not only sculpted in Carrara marble but also in Custoza stone, and you can find it today in the Museo Correr in Venice.

● Inventory Number

● Dimensions
170x92x80 cm

● Ownership
Fondazione Canova onlus, Possagno (TV)

● Marble
Museo Correr, Venice (IT)

Antonio Canova Dedalo e Icaro sculture Museo Possagno
Antonio Canova Dedalo e Icaro sculture Museo Possagno