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Kind visitors are informed that until October 16, the Birthplace of Antonio Canova is undergoing restoration work. For this reason, some rooms of the house may not be visitable at the moment. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Tomorrow open 09:30-18:00
The Museum Gypsotheca Antonio Canova in Possagno preserves the historical and artistic heritage of Antonio Canova, the greatest sculptor of the Neoclassical period.

The Museum Complex

The Gypsotheca and Museo Antonio Canova in Possagno is the unique place where the historical and artistic heritage of Canova is preserved. Antonio Canova (Possagno, 1757 – Venice, 1822) is considered the greatest sculptor of Neoclassicism. The Museum Complex, one of the first of this kind in the Veneto region, comprises the Birthplace and the Gypsotheca, where the original plaster cast models are kept, that is distributed between the original Basilica (1836) and the structure added by Carlo Scarpa (1957). These models are the starting point for the marble replicas now exhibited at the most important museums in the world. The Birthplace hosts the artist’s paintings, drawings, engravings, and personal belongings. Besides the Birthplace and the Gypsotheca, the Museum Complex also includes the so-called Gemin Wing, the Archive, the Library, the Garden, and the “Brolo”. The Museum offers its visitors a variety of experiences: from guided tours and educational workshops to night visits by the evocative light of lanterns.

“The Gypsotheca of Possagno is a truly unique place. Not only does it treasure the spirit and heritage of Canova, but also his tools and furniture. While the Shrine conveys all of the grandeur and aesthetic principles of the Artist’s work, his Home is mostly about the man’s everyday rituals.”
Vittorio Sgarbi

The Gypsotheca. The beautiful artistic treasure guarded in Possagno is a fundamental point of reference for knowing Antonio Canova as an artist and appreciating all the masterpieces he created.

Discover the Gypsotheca

Inside the house where Canova was born, the visitor can admire paintings, engravings, drawings, and marble sculptures by the artist, as well as working tools and personal belongings.

Discover the birthplace



Gemin Wing

Aerial view on the Complex of the Museum