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Kind visitors are informed that until October 16, the Birthplace of Antonio Canova is undergoing restoration work. For this reason, some rooms of the house may not be visitable at the moment. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Tomorrow open 09:30-18:00
Families can enjoy the Museum participating to different activities to discover Antonio Canova's masterpieces and birthplace.

Families at Museum

Guided tours, creative workshops and treasure hunts are just some of the many activities that the Museum offers to all the families and children who every year visit Canova’s birthplace and the Gypsotheca.
Get ready to discover with us the sculptor’s wonderful world, his art and all the stories of the Gypsotheca!

Guided tours for families

Our trained guides will take families and children, with particular attention to the youngest visitors, through Canova’s birthplace and will show the materials that the sculptor used, ending with the telling of stories and myths that characterise the Museum.

● Average duration of the visit

● Hours
Every first Saturday of the month and every Sunday at 4:00 pm

● Prices
€ 4 per person, free for children
€ 22 Family ticket (two parents plus any number of children)

● Booking compulsory
0423 544 323 /

Treasure hunt

Enjoy the Museum with the Treasure Hunt: an illustrated map will help the youngest visitors to discover the Museum collection. After solving a crossword puzzle, they will also receive the Museum Explorer’s Certificate and a small prize!

● Prices
There are no additional costs to the entry ticket, you just need to ask for the map in the ticket office

● Booking recommended
0423 544 323 /

Creative workshops

Creative workshops will engage all the family in a magic tour among sculptures and stories, surrounded by the beautiful white setting of the Gypsotheca.
A guided tour? Not only that… We will also work all together in the Museum didactic lab.

Every third Saturday of the month at 4:00 pm, from October to June

€ 4 per person, free for children
€ 22 Family ticket (two parents plus any number of children)

Booking compulsory
0423 544 323 /
This activity is for families

The Museum at home

The beautiful sculptures by Antonio Canova come alive with Valentino Villanova’s drawings.
Love and Psyche, Hercles and Lichas, Daedalus and Icarus… Collect all the drawings and have fun with us!

Download the sculptures to color up

Do you want to dirt your hands? Change your desk into a little artist’s atelier. You need only a few materials and all your imagination to create little pieces of art!

Watch the videos