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Kind visitors are informed that until October 16, the Birthplace of Antonio Canova is undergoing restoration work. For this reason, some rooms of the house may not be visitable at the moment. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Today open 09:30-18:00
The Gypsotheca, treasure of absolute beauty, belongs to everyone, an exclusive and ultimate evidence of Canova’s art.

Support Museo Gypsotheca Antonio Canova in Possagno

The Gypsotheca, an exclusive and ultimate evidence of Canova’s art, is there for everyone to admire and protect. To continue this story, preserve the past, live the present and further develop in the future we need everyone’s help and contribution. You can make a difference! Find out below how to donate.

By joining the Membership program of the Gypsotheca e Museo Antonio Canova you will spend an unforgettable year with the Museum, you will enjoy exploring the collection with your family and friends and you will take part to exclusive events. Find out all the benefits we have reserved for you.

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membership fee 
€ 35 yearly


● Membership card
● Unlimited free admission to the Museum for the entire year
● Free admission to Saturday Kids Labs and guided tours for families
● Invitation to openings of temporary exhibitions and premieres
● Reduced-price admission to special seasonal events (night visits, conferences, educational workshops)
● Event calendar reserved to members (such as guided tours to new exhibitions or following the restoration of artworks, cocktails in the garden, etc.)
● Up-to-date information and newsletters forwarded to your e-mail on the museum’s activities and services
● Reduced-price admission to partner museums (Isola dei Musei, TRA – Treviso Ricerca Arte, Musei Civici di Bassano)
● 30% discount on Bookshop items

With the Corporate Partnership program, Fondazione Canova aims at establishing a strong relationship between the Museum and a group of companies that believe in the communicative power of art and beauty: two essential aspects for the development and progress of a community and an organization, even a business company. Besides raising awareness on their corporate values, the partner companies will have the chance to meet, suggest initiatives, and take part to the exclusive events organized by the Museum. By joining this partnership, the company shows its social responsibility: it demonstrates its commitment to having a positive impact on society, and protecting the local cultural and artistic heritage.




The Corporate partnership’s purpose is to overcome the concept of pure business sponsorship and create a strong bond with the partner companies, giving them the chance to enjoy a series of customizable services according to their needs.

● Awarness
Partner companies are mentioned on the website, on social networks, promotional material regarding the museum collection and press releases of every exhibition inaugurated during the partnership period.

● Rental of spaces
Companies are granted a reduced fee for the organization of evenings, meetings, events and dinners at the Museum, guided tour and lantern-lit visit of the Gypsotheca included. This way they can share and create network or team building opportunities with companies and organizations, for their clients or with their employees.

● Free or reduced-price admission
Partners may invite friends and guests to discover the beauty of the Museum and the Canovian artworks thanks to free-admission annual tickets. Partner companies may also include in their welfare program for employees and associates the possibility to get reduced-price admission to the Museum.

● Bookshop
A commercial discount is applied to the volumes published by Fondazione Canova and to any bookshop item, whose graphic design can also be customized to create a unique corporate product.

● Tax benefits
Partner companies will receive the necessary documentation for the benefits reserved to tax payers who contribute to the conservation of cultural heritage and donate to non-profit organizations.

Fondazione Canova is eligible for the “5 per mille” Italian tax return donation by simply signing the proper box in the models of declaration for personal income (“modello Redditi Persone fisiche”, “modello 730”, attached form to “Certificazione unica”). You will need to sign the box reserved to non-profit organizations (non-profit-making organizations for community work and recognized foundations operating within the sectors indicated in art. 10, c. 1, lett. A of Legislative Decree n. 460 of 1997) and fill in the tax code of Fondazione Canova: 04022180261.


Informations / (+39) 0423 544323.

● Fondazione Canova is a private law body, duly registered at the Regional register of Veneto n. 55 of 24.03.2006 with n. 357 and is entrusted by the Comune di Possagno to provide, with its own budget and administrative body, for the conservation, protection, and promotion of the movable and immovable properties belonging to the Canovian complex (refer to the statutes of the institution) and bound by Law n. 1089 dated June 1, 1939 and by Presidential Decree n.1409 of September 30, 1963 and subsequent amendments and additions.
● Any maintenance or restoration work is paid in full by the institution pursuant to the constitutive act written by the Comune di Possagno, which shall retain ownership of the goods whose management is entrusted to a separate and distinct institution. Any profit generated by the management of the properties shall be divided and partitioned exclusively within the institution and its activities.
● Since December 12, 2005 Fondazione Canova is registered to the Regional register of the Italian tax authority dedicated to non-profit organizations. This way, it is exempt from stamp duty pursuant to article 17 of Legislative decree n. 460 dated December 4, 1997 and Presidential decree n. 642 dated October 26, 1972. Being a non-profit organization, Fondazione Canova can also receive monetary donations and contributions. Contributors can benefit from tax returns (as per recently amended article 83 of the new Code of the Third Sector – Legislative Decree n. 117 dated July 3, 2017).
● Individuals can deduct from their personal income tax (IRPEF) the equivalent of 30% of their monetary or in-kind donations, with a maximum of € 30,000 for every tax year. Monetary or in-kind donations made by individuals, institutions or companies to the foundation can be deducted from their total net incomes within the limit of 10% of the total declared income.

You can make a difference!
Discover some of our projects

Un Museo senza barriere

“Un museo senza barriere – porte aperte, occhi aperti, mente aperta” è la campagna di raccolta fondi promossa dalla Fondazione Canova per rendere il Museo più accessibile, più inclusivo e aperto a diverse comunità.

Con questa campagna vogliamo non solo garantire a qualunque visitatore pari condizioni di accessibilità, ma piuttosto ripensare la tradizionale visita al museo come esperienza inclusiva, di partecipazione e piena adesione alle diverse attività proposte, garantendo un’ottimale qualità di visita per tutti. In concreto intendiamo:
– abbattere le principali barriere architettoniche oggi esistenti;
– creare all’interno del museo un’area dove i visitatori più piccoli possano sperimentare liberamente i materiali utilizzati da Canova per sviluppare la loro creatività, un luogo dove la parola d’ordine sia “devi toccare!”;
– garantire il benessere dei visitatori ipovedenti per accompagnarli in un’ esperienza di visita che risponda al meglio alle loro esigenze con la creazione di percorsi tattili e didascalie in braille;

La campagna si è conclusa il 31 gennaio 2020. Ben 135 donatori ci hanno aiutato a raggiungere la cifra di 12.233 euro che andranno interamente devoluti in favore del progetto.

Promotional video created for the campaign Barrier-Free Museum

Restauro e conservazione

Difendere il patrimonio culturale è un obbligo che abbiamo nei confronti  del nostro territorio e delle generazioni future. Con il vostro anche piccolo aiuto possiamo fare molto.
Grazie al supporto di aziende Partner e Istituzioni impegnate nella conservazione del nostro patrimonio culturale, la Fondazione Canova Onlus ha potuto sostenere delle importanti opere di restauro.