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Kind visitors are informed that until October 16, the Birthplace of Antonio Canova is undergoing restoration work. For this reason, some rooms of the house may not be visitable at the moment. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Tomorrow open 09:30-18:00
The Gypsotheca. The beautiful artistic treasure guarded in Possagno is a fundamental point of reference for knowing Antonio Canova as an artist and appreciating all the masterpieces he created.

The Gypsotheca of Museo Canova

The Gypsotheca of Possagno is the largest in Europe. It was Giovanni Battista Sartori who decided to build it and entrusted the project to Francesco Lazzari. The Gypsotheca was commissioned as a large Basilica divided into three sections naturally lit by three big skylights. After the restoration works that followed the 1917 bombing, it was Carlo Scarpa who took charge of the enlargement of the Gypsotheca and the rearrangement of the sculptures between 1955 and 1957. The architect designs the first entrance hall and the additional wing that is named after him, giving importance to the clay sketches and positioning the works of art scenically inside the architectural structure so that the light coming from above showcases the white Canovian plasters.

Entrance hall of the Gypsotheca, Adonis crowned by Venus

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Nineteenth-Century Wing

Scarpa wing


Il porticato d’ingresso della Gypsotheca